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Fire Glass

Why Fire Glass?

Fire Glass is tempered glass that is used in fireplaces and fire pits to increase vibrancy, reflection and color. Tempered glass is tumbled and polished to prevent sharp edges and injury. The glass is designed for gas fire pits and gas fireplaces to tolerate high temperatures without melting, burning or discoloring when used as recommended. The glass does NOT create toxic fumes, smoke, ash, or soot.
Fire Glass is used to replace gas logs. The glass will instantly transform your living space with flames dancing above the dazzling fire glass. Fire glass can be used in a non-vented or vented fireplace and outdoor fire pits. You can use our fire glass indoors in vent-free fireplaces, but only when using vent-free approved burner system. 

Because there is no soot, dirt, or ashes there is minimal maintenance. Like any household furnishing the glass can get dirty and dusty. If there is an obvious build up of dirt one can scoop out the glass and wash it with dish detergent followed by a thorough rinse. 

We offer many color options are sure to match to your existing décor and give your fire pit a more modern look than outdated ceramic logs and over-used lava rocks. Choose one color or mix and match to create your own custom color combination to show off your personal style.

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fire glass
fire glass
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