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Cast Stone

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Wonderful Cast Stone Options for your Home

Cast Stone is defined as “a refined architectural concrete building unit manufactured to simulate natural cut stone, used in unit masonry applications.” Cast Stone is a masonry product, used as an architectural feature, trim, ornament or facing for buildings or other structures. Cast Stone can be made from white and/or grey cements, manufactured or natural sands, carefully selected crushed stone or well graded natural gravels and mineral coloring pigments to achieve the desired color and appearance while maintaining durable physical properties which exceed most natural cut building stones.
Cast stone is both strong and highly customizable. While the base ingredient of most cast stone is Portland cement, makers add a variety of other components, including sand, various grains of other minerals and even coloring pigments to change the color. As a result, cast stone can be made to resemble limestone, granite, quartz, blue stone, marble and many other types of real stone at a more affordable price. Keep scrolling to see different types of cast stone and their applications.

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Keystones can add beauty and distinction to any building. Keystones can be installed in brick or a cast jack arch assembly. Darden Building Materials offers a variety of sizes and designs from which to choose. When placing your next keystone order, remember not all brick types and keystones match dimensionally. Let us know so we may help guide you to the size you need. 


Watertable is another effective method to divert moisture away from a building base in an attractive and decorative manner. Watertable is often used in transition areas where different bed depths occur. Different profiles can be used efficiently to replace where a brick rowlock may have been placed.

Column Caps

Column Caps or precast caps or tops are used for masonry or stone columns. Column caps range from plain (flat) to extremely ornate in nature and can be manufactured to accommodate lights, lamps and finials.

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Fireplace Mantels


Classic Collection

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